Cleanin’ Up The Community With KDB

Written By: Logan Staab

We teamed up with Keep Denton Beautiful, a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintain a clean and vibrant city, to adopt our own spot to keep up with. The deal is to clean up our stretch of road once every quarter and make sure it stays that way.

It’s our pleasure to do our part to help maintain the natural integrity of our beautiful city. Yes, it was super hot outside (because it was the middle of summer in Texas) but it’s always rewarding and knowing the positive impact we’re making definitely makes it easier to fight through the sweat.

Collecting 3 bags of trash off our streets was definitely a victory not only for us but for Denton as a whole.

Next up, we’re going to help KDB out by planting trees at the new dog park in town for our furry friends and their owners can relax under some much needed shade. Stay tuned for more!