What is Social Media Management?

Social media management services are basically taking care of your social media pages to keep them active, relevant and targeted to your specific audience.



But “management” is only scratching the surface — we truly monitor your page with thoughtful analysis to ensure this customer service tool benefits your business. We keep you updated with what’s going on, what your customers are saying, and what’s performing well that will shape your future strategy.

We have highly experienced experts dedicated to content marketing and blog writing

We create content with purpose, to be overly helpful, valuable information that's also optimized for SEO.

We only create content that speaks directly to your audience in a relevant way

Our Social Media Management Services

  • 2 social media posts per week (up to 1 graphic and 1 reel creation included)
  • Page optimization and updates
  • Monitoring direct messages, comments and reviews
  • Sharing posts to stories
  • Updating Instagram highlights
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quarterly social media audit, including social media listening
  • 1 social media campaign or boosted post per month (ad spend not included in package price)
social media management services

Other services we can add on to your package include, but not limited to:

  • Influencer collaboration: Includes communications, 1 video editing/reel, and giveaway management as applicable.
  • Contest/Giveaway management: Includes graphic design post for both announcing the giveaway and announcing the winner/giveaway closed, one boosted post, participant management and communications.

What is social listening? 

Social listening is about:

  • Gaining insights into what your customers (and potential customers) are saying about you, your competitors, and your industry…which will help you understand how to address those needs in your business and marketing strategy.
  • Analyzing patterns and trends over time. 
  • Monitoring tagged and untagged mentions for potential user-generated content (UGC) ideas, online reputation management and customer service opportunities. 

These overall insights can have powerful effects in guiding your future social media strategy. 


Doing this on a regular basis helps prevent a PR nightmare or damaged reputation when negative sentiment goes unaddressed. If any direct concerns are found, we present those to the client immediately to ensure they can put a course of action in place to manage the situation in a timely manner. 


Social Media Management FAQs

The most common channels we manage for clients are Facebook and Instagram because they remain the top channels for reaching your target audience. However, it really depends on your industry. Some industries might have better results with other platforms like Pinterest (i.e. retail) or LinkedIn (B2B services). We offer social media management services on just about any platform that would best meet your social media goals.

If you're building your social media pages from scratch (meaning they don't already exist), we will only recommend the social media channels that make most sense for your business based on where your customers are.

There isn't a silver bullet approach to the number of times you post, but from our experience we've seen 2 posts per week, per platform, to be the right amount of content to reach followers — especially Facebook and Instagram. Some platforms may have a reasonable strategy to post more frequently, namely Pinterest or Twitter (sorry…we mean “X”).

The reason for this recommendation is because we have seen the following trends with current social media algorithms (at least on Facebook and Instagram):

  • More posts do not equate to more organic reach, engagement, or followers. 
  • Algorithms don’t rely as much on when you post — it still matters to some degree, but a post published on Monday might still be getting exposure and engagement by showing up in people’s feeds 4 days later. 
  • More posts tend to “compete” with each other for that same reach vs. spreading it out by a couple days to give each post enough time to get traction before another one is posted. Our philosophy is if you have an overabundance of great content to share on a consistent basis, then it doesn’t hurt to post more than 2 times per week or even every day if you really wanted to. We have managed client pages who post 2-3 times per day and they get decent engagement because their page’s focus is promoting local events, offers and promotions from their member businesses — so they have tons of great content to consistently share. But don’t just post for the sake of posting. It will be a waste of time. 

Our recommendation is to only post when you have super valuable, relevant content that your audience actually wants to see. Two posts per week is a reasonable goal to get that kind of content out on a consistent basis.

We recommend one video / reel post per week. We can help you edit and optimize the videos, but we rely on you to provide us with consistent video content in order to post reels. For image posts, we can create graphics as needed but we'll provide guidance on the types of images we need.

We will also curate an effective social media content calendar based on our suggestions (if you are able to get us the images/videos we need) or based on existing assets you have to use for social posts.

Keep in mind that on social media platforms (especially Facebook), less than 10% of your FOLLOWERS will even see your content organically in their feed — so engagement is expected to be very low for most businesses, no matter how great the content is. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. 

Sadly, this truth is continuing to become more and more a reality as neverending content is being shared across all social media platforms from business pages, hence decreasing organic reach and overall engagement. 

Platforms want you to “pay to play” to get the reach you want, but we have tips up our sleeve to help you increase organic engagement on your social pages.

The most common myth business owners need to be aware of is that social media is not designed to bring sales (unless you do a targeted social media ad campaign). Social media is a long-term game that’s meant to:

    • Complement your overall (multi-channel) online marketing strategy
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Establish connections and relationships with your target audience (including customers)
    • Build trust and prove your credibility
    • Showcase your services or products 

Social media is a key component of modern business practices, and not leveraging it may result in a business falling behind competitors who are actively engaging with their audience on these platforms. 


  • Introduction: We’ll set up a 30-minute meeting to discuss your social media goals, needs and content strategy to ensure we portray your business in the most accurate, professional way that connects with your target audience. Once we get access to your current platforms, we're all set to begin.
  • Strategy: We’ll conduct competitor analysis, research and social listening methods to help us gather data we need to create an effective social media strategy that aligns with your goals. Once we have this information, we’ll review it with you.
  • Social Listening: On a weekly basis, we conduct social listening tactics to analyze your brand, industry and location sentiment. This allows you to be proactive about content strategy, PR and managing your brand reputation.
  • Content Calendar: Once we have all metrics and analysis complete, we create a content calendar to help us organize posts in a strategic way to be published.
  • Reporting: We send monthly reports on your social media performance and analyze areas for improvement to continue building your social media presence. 

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