What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlinked URL (or anchor text) that someone has listed on their website that directs traffic (or refers) back to your website. It might also be called an external link — for example, if I were to add a hyperlink on this page that links to a 3rd party website, that website would get a new link added to their backlink profile.

Did you sponsor a local 5K and they put a link on their website? That’s a backlink.

Does your Facebook page have a link to your website? That’s a backlink.

Did a local newspaper interview you and they published the article with a link on their website? That’s a backlink.

…you get the idea. 


Do You Need Link Building Services?

Yes. Backlinks are something search engine algorithms, like Google, look at and factor in when ranking your website in search result pages. The more quality backlinks your site has, the better your rankings.

Search engines use links to:

  • Discover new web pages (crawling)
  • Determine how well a page should rank in their results

We are not a Link Vendor. We build links with the goal of improving your website, not to simply add more links. We aim for quality links with high relevance that can make an impact on your rankings. Link Vendors don’t give you much control over the content and context of your Links, on top of that, you don’t truly know what you’re paying for. If you don’t have control over your brand or website, you can’t control your growth. We believe in transparency.

As a link building agency, we’ll conduct a backlink audit to help us build a solid link building strategy to help improve SEO rankings over time. When conducting a backlink audit: 

  • We’ll take a look at your existing backlink profile and determine if there are any bad links that need to be cleaned up — whether broken links or spam links that you don’t want to be affiliated with your site to ensure optimal site health for search engine algorithms.
  • We’ll discover gaps (when looking at competitor backlink comparisons) to find out where we can outrank those competitors or find better alternatives to build links.
  • We’ll develop a content plan for the client to provide to help us obtain various forms of quality backlinks. Or we are happy to add on content services to assist. 

Because while quantity does matter when it comes to backlinks, quality matters even more (which is something Google algorithms look at when ranking your site) for long-term SEO health. Variety, domain authority, and other factors also come into play to win in the link building game.

In addition to the metrics, our second biggest focus is Link Context. In order to have a strong contextual presence, we aim for Strong Anchor Text, Link Placement, Topical Relevance. 


  • Strong Anchor Text 
    • As best practice, we follow three guidelines:
      • Use of descriptive anchor text that describes the target page
      • Avoiding use of generic anchor text, overuse of exact match, and off-topic anchor text
      • Use of concise anchor text- keeping word length short
  • Link Placement 
    • Google tends to value links that are placed higher in HTML and relate to the overall context of the page. To cater to that, we aim to place your target page links higher within the pages we select. 
  • Topical Relevance 
    • Aside from popularity and trust metrics, we also focus on topical relevance. We aim to place your links on pages that hold authority on topics related to your target page.

If you’re interested in getting assistance with professional SEO link building services, Aspiro Agency can help. We offer backlink services to not only help you clean up existing links, but also build them on quality sites.


We have highly experienced experts dedicated to content marketing and blog writing

We create content with purpose, to be overly helpful, valuable information that's also optimized for SEO.

We only create content that speaks directly to your audience in a relevant way

Our SEO Link Building Services

Backlinking services start at $500 per month. Or SEO + Backlinking package = $1,750 per month. 

  • Backlink opportunities:
    • Research and provide 15 quality backlink opportunities per quarter (opportunities are not guaranteed links)
    • Outreach to client-approved opportunities to determine how to obtain the link (cost of acquiring any paid link opportunities not included)
    • Monitor and manage outreach communications as needed until link is obtained or rejected.
  • Citations: 
    • Initial core citation check/creation
    • Create any missing top citations (3 per month until all done)
    • Monthly maintenance

We don’t provide you with links, we provide you with link opportunities.


Our staff will be spending time on:


  • Strategy – making sure we’re targeting the right sites, link types and target pages on your website. 
  • Prospecting – continuously bringing you fresh opportunities
  • Outreach – management of communications with these sites (initial email, ongoing negotiations and placement)


This retainer pays for our team’s time to strategize, find and contact the best sites for your campaign. Each month we’ll deliver you a transparent list of opportunities. From there it’s your choice what sites you want links from, how many links you want to place and how much you wish to spend.


These opportunities will have an additional expense cost for placement fees and/or content writing. These fees are paid directly to the site, we take no cut of this fee. We operate this way to give you the best possible link opportunities and allow you to select which ones you want based on budget and authority.

Links aren’t always guaranteed. Therefore, at the start of each engagement, we provide the client with an estimated number of prospects, qualified opportunities, warm leads, and ready-to-place link opportunities that we think will be able to reach the link goal. 

Keep in mind… some backlink opportunities may require payment or some form of exchange from the source in order to complete the backlink placement. Examples of this may be a sponsorship, an exchange of backlinks, provide free product, etc.

We operate in quarterly sprints. At the beginning of each 3-month interval, we gather all of the prospects that we will need to deliver the desired number of high-quality link opportunities over the sprint. From there, we filter and qualify the list to begin outreach. 

Once we’ve connected with link opportunities, we narrow the responses to the best ready-to-place link opportunities. Then, we bring them back to our client for approval. 

Typically, clients approve close to 60% of the opportunities we deliver. From there, the topic of our recommended article is chosen and communicated to you, the content is created, placement fees are paid, and links go live.

What is a Backlink Report?

A backlink is a link that someone has on their webpage or site that links (or refers) back to your website. We look at your backlink profile to determine how many backlinks exist for your website. This will allow you to determine if there are any backlinks that need to be cleaned up, whether broken links or spam links that you don’t want to be affiliated with your site to ensure optimal site health for Google algorithms. It also helps you determine how to build your backlink building strategies to quality sites, which is something Google algorithms care about when ranking your site. The more quality backlinks your site has, the better your rankings. If you’re interested in getting assistance with link building campaigns, Aspiro can help. We offer backlink services to not only help you clean up existing links, but also building them on quality sites.

Backlink FAQs

We will do our best to provide you with quality backlink opportunities that are no cost. But many times, you will find that the source will want some kind of trade (i.e. free product or service in return for a link, or add a backlink to their website if they add a backlink to yours), request that you provide valuable guest content to be published on their site, or request payment (including sponsorships or donations). 

On average, we have seen quality backlinks cost an average of $180. 

If guest posting is an option, this means that we are asking the sources if we can place original, relevant articles on their site. Included with the provided article would be a link back to your website. If this is an opportunity, a new article will need to be created for every guest posting link opportunity you choose to move forward with. You can choose whether to provide the content yourself (in which case we would tell you what the topic of the article needs to be once you’ve accepted an opportunity), or you can have us write the content for $500 (500-1k words).

  1. We will send you a Link Building Questionnaire to fill out before we can get started. This will help us provide a more accurate and targeted research process.
  2. We will run a backlink audit for your website and 2-3 of your competitors, gather Google SERP results using the top 3 keywords/phrases you want to rank for, and explore local opportunities like 5Ks, sponsorships, memberships, etc.
  3. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will begin our research process, which may take up to 8 weeks. We will be manually researching opportunities during that time and narrowing down to the top 15 opportunities we think will directly improve your SEO rankings. 
  4. We will present the top 15 opportunities quarterly. Those opportunities will be revealed in the Link Building Opportunities spreadsheet you have been given access to. Whichever opportunities you accept, we will begin outreach to those opportunities.
  5. Any link opportunities you provide us during our research period will be included as one of the 15 total opportunities in the spreadsheet we provide quarterly. The reason for this is because time will still be devoted to vetting the provided link opportunities to ensure it's a link worth pursuing, as well as outreach efforts. 
  6. Outreach and communications with the opportunities may take up to 4 weeks. Then we rinse and repeat this process each quarter, including updating any info or link preferences as we go along.

You can follow along with link placements in real time via your Link Building Opportunities spreadsheet that we will provide you at the start of services. The link opportunity sheet includes everything our teams need to collaborate on link placement, such as:

  • Outreach Status
  • Approval Status
  • Placement and Content Cost
  • Link Live Date
  • Content Topics

Curious about how we can use SEO Link Building Services to grow your business? Let's chat.