What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are website pages that are specifically designed, formatted and written with the sole purpose of driving leads or sales. 

A regular website page is usually filled with many details, images and various sections — but landing pages are meant to be hyper-focused on getting the viewer to take a specific action. That’s why landing pages are often (but not always) hidden from a website’s main menu and used most commonly as a destination URL for targeted ad campaigns. However they also can be used for organic SEO, PPC and content marketing purposes.

Because the goal of a landing page is to get the viewer to take a specific action, landing pages are meant to be brief, to-the-point, and highly optimized to easily (and quickly) guide the viewer to take the desired action. 

Typically used in digital advertising campaigns, like PPC or social media ads, the links within those ads will drive traffic to the landing page. The goal of a landing page is to drive action for the viewer. 

Landing pages can also be part of your content marketing and SEO strategy to boost organic traffic. 

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Our Landing Page Design Approach

We’ll make sure your landing page accurately reflects the ad that’s driving traffic to the page. This ensures your audience gets the info they need immediately and is persuaded to take a desired action.


Some of the ways we ensure quality landing page design:

  • Relevance to the ad or content driving traffic to the page
  • SEO-optimized with relevant keywords
  • Quality content that connects to your audience and shows your expertise
  • Clear and enticing CTA that drives action
  • Optimized for the desired action — lead generation form, clickable phone number, etc.

We have highly experienced experts skilled in landing page design.

Landing page designs are created or optimized to drive a specific action or meet a specific goal in mind.

We only create content or design elements that speak directly to your audience in a relevant way.

Landing Page FAQs

Yes! Just ask us for some examples and we would be happy to show you some recent landing page designs we have completed for clients. 

Curious about how we can use landing page design to grow your business? Let's chat.