What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media may seem like just a way to post your thoughts and keep your customers apprised of what your business is up to, but it can be so much more. Social media advertising is one of the go-to avenues to market your business with targeted advertising to amplify sales and overall awareness. Facebook, Google, Youtube and Instagram are all viable channels that have proven to be cost-effective ways to reach new customers and promote the services and products you want sold. 

Why Do You Need Social Media Advertising?

Let’s face it, you don’t have the time to sit on the internet all day to get your business’s name out there. Social media advertising gives you the freedom to create a detailed strategy to accomplish a list of goals, whether it’s driving website traffic or increasing sales of a specific service or product. Moreover, it’s one of the cheapest ways to achieve these goals and there are easy ways to tweak and fine-tune your strategy as your business grows. These advertising strategies also offer key metrics to track how your ads are doing so you don’t have to feel boxed into a certain game plan for too long. If the leads aren’t coming in the way you’d hoped, there are always ways to pivot and try something else. 

Social Media Advertising Services We Offer

Not only can we craft, implement and oversee your ads across the various platforms, but we will use our experience and expertise to find the right type of ad and strategy for you. Not every ad works, so having a flexible attitude to find the one that does is crucial. Most of your customers are on social media, so the trick is finding a way to reach them. We’ll use the right demographics and audience statistics to increase conversions while helping you manage your budget along the way so you still have the time and money left over to devote to the other areas of your business that need them the most. 

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Our Process & What To Expect

Before we get your ads up and running, the first step we’ll take is listening to what you want to accomplish, whether it’s to simply drive traffic to your website or to lead directly to sales. Once we communicate with you and learn your ideal vision, we’ll take steps to apply it. We’ll figure out which audience you want to target and on which platform. Next, we’ll begin crafting the right content and specific message to generate the most interest and reach. Along the way, we’ll work with you to optimize the best budget for you and your business and make the necessary tweaks to our strategy as the ad time progresses. Finally, our work isn’t done once the ad has been created and installed. Following its performance and trying different approaches is integral to the ads’ overall success. Ideally, the ads accomplish the goals you’re trying to meet and developing more in the future gets that much easier for everyone involved.

    • Excellent ad copy that grabs the attention of your target audience
    • Facebook & Instagram ads
    • Linkedin Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • Social media ad strategy
    • YouTube Ads
    • Boosted posts and event pages
    • Ad pixel set up and management
    • Monthly social media ad reporting


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