Email Marketing Campaigns

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

Email campaigns are an effective method to get a message in front of your customers, prospects or target audience by driving sales or a specific goal. It’s different than email newsletter management because it’s focused on driving sales than staying connected with your audience over a longer period of time. Campaigns may be a one time push for a specific special, event or offer, while newsletters are sent out on a regular basis.  


Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

While many are quick to dismiss the viability of email, we know that we’ve seen some incredible results of effective email campaigns used in multi-sequence multi-channel marketing initiatives helping to truly nurture leads moving them down the sales funnel.

We’ve helped company’s of all shapes and sizes identify audiences, develop strategies, create landing pages, integrate marketing automation platforms and CRM’s, and eventually measure results. From ideation to implementation, we’re here to fill in the missing resources for your marketing team or be a turnkey solution.



Our Email Marketing Campaign Approach:

Through email campaigns, we can help you create personalized content that will entice your audience to open the emails, read the content and click on links to your website to take action. We offer the following email marketing services:

  • Email newsletter template creation
  • Basic email newsletter design
  • Email newsletter content
  • Managing email deployments to your audience
  • Reporting


Aspiro is your one-stop-shop for all things online marketing, so if a specific content writing service isn’t listed, all you gotta do is ask.

Bottomline, our email marketing services have been helping our clients drive leads, conversations and ultimately conversions for over 10 years and like all channels, we’ve seen tremendous change in both best practices and technology available via email.

If email marketing isn’t a current channel you’re utilizing within your content and marketing strategy we’d encourage you to give us a call or connect with us via email so we can walk through how all other marketing and revenue generating efforts can be enhanced by a congruent email marketing plan.

  • Excellent content that holds the attention of your target audience
  • Regularly updated content
  • Newsworthy articles and blogs