One of the core beliefs we have is that SEO comes down to two things: content and backlinks. The most common backlink work we see obtains a massive amount of low quality, non relevant links (typically for a cheap rate, like a few hundred bucks). Not only are these links potentially harmful to your site, but Google has become smart enough to sniff out this mass backlinking strategy. And Google doesn’t like it. Time and time again, evidence has shown that it’s high-quality, relevant backlinks that are valuable. Aspiro’s backlink services are different because these are the links we go out and obtain for your business.

Still got backlink questions? Here are a few commonly asked backlink questions:

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link that someone has on their webpage or site that links (or refers) back to your website. For example, if your business’ Facebook page has a link to your website, that’s a backlink from Facebook. The more backlinks you have from high quality, relevant sites, the more reputable Google sees your business as being, and the better your rankings.

Can I buy backlinks?

Great question. Technically, yes. Typically backlinks that are available for purchase are low quality and lead to completely irrelevant sites. If your site is linking to a spam page, or a page that violates Google’s policies, Google now sees your business as being associated with this website. It’s like having a friend who’s known to do some shady things. It doesn’t help your reputation.


When it comes to backlinks, do follow is gold. This tells search engines they should follow the path of the backlink, thus creating a magical bridge between the high authority site and your site, allowing that valuable link juice to flow. A no follow backlink is much less valuable as it does not let that link juice flow through from site.

do you use a backlink checker?

Sure do. We pull from a variety of tools to examine your backlink profile, then manually determine how many backlinks exist for your site, if any are potentially harmful, and formulate a plan for assessing them. We go through each backlink to assess it’s value and whether it’s potentially harmful to your site or not. If there are any backlinks that need to be cleaned up, whether broken links or spam links that you don’t want to be affiliated with your site to ensure optimal site health for Google algorithms. It also helps you determine how to build your backlink building strategies to quality sites, which is something Google algorithms care about when ranking your site.

If you’re interested in getting assistance with link building campaigns, Aspiro can help. We offer backlink services to not only help you clean up existing links, but also build them on quality, relevant sites.


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