Remarketing, or retargeting as some call it, is the process of showing ads for your business to customers who have already visited your website, Facebook page, Instagram page, or another spot of your online presence.




Here’s when we’ll chat about past campaign efforts, what you hope to gain with future campaigns, who your target audience is, what your goals from a PPC campaign are, and everything in between. Once we have a good lay of the land, we’ll hit the drawing board.


If you’ve done remarketing ads in the past, we like to take a look at what’s worked well and what needs improvement. If you’re starting from scratch diving into remarketing ads for the first time, we’ll go straight to building.


Once we have an understanding of your goals and target audience, we’ll build your campaign, send over anything that needs your approval, and launch. Ads are eligible to be shown immediately after running through Google’s bots.



How does remarketing work?

Have you ever been online, looking at a pair of new sneakers, and the next day you’re scrolling a completely different website and you see an ad for those same shoes? You guessed it — that’s remarketing.

When you visited the website initially, you likely agreed to the website’s use of cookies. When you do this, it allows the website to place a cookie in your browser, marking you as a user who checked out a specific product. When it comes time to remarket to you, the ad knows where to go — it follows that original cookie that was placed when you browsed the site. 

What are the benefits of google analytics remarketing?

When you use Google Analytics remarketing, you’re targeting users who have already visited your website.These folks are considered warm leads because they already have encountered your brand once. Therefore, it’s extremely important to remarket to them to remind them to make a purchase or sign up for a promotion. The conversion rate when marketing to a remarketing audience is significantly higher than a general audience.

Simply put – it’s something we recommend every business implement in their marketing strategy.

What is Facebook remarketing?

Similar to Google Analytics remarketing, Facebook remarketing allows you to remarket to people who have:

  1. Visited your Facebook page
  2. Liked your Facebook page
  3. Engaged with your Facebook post

It follows the same premise as any other remarketing — show an ad to someone who already knows your brand, and the chance of them converting is higher. 

How to set up remarketing?

In order to set up remarketing, you first need to establish a method of capturing this valuable audience. This can be done through:

  1. Google Analytics 
  2. Facebook for Business
  3. Or, another third-party tracking

our remarketing services

Whether you have an existing analytics or ads account and need help with the remarketing piece or want us to start from square one, we’re happy to help get remarketing advertising set up for your business. With compelling ads, eye-catching graphics and conversion tracking, we provide an end-to-end solution to help get the ads set up, implemented and measure ROI.