Evernote was founded to address a growing problem that technology helped to create: how to succeed in a world of an ever-increasing volume and velocity of information. Our purpose is to give people the time and freedom to focus on what matters by helping them to live more organized lives. Not so long ago, capturing ideas meant having to stop and jot it down on paper before you forgot it. Clipping web pages? You had to bookmark it or take a screenshot. Saving and sharing files with a project team meant trading office docs via email, never sure who had the latest version. Then came Evernote. Evernote Corporation creates products and services that have helped people better focus on what matters most. Evernote has changed the way individuals turn their ideas into actions, helped teams work better together, no matter where they are. 225 million people around the world have discovered Evernote, which is used in over 25 languages every day. Evernote Corporation is a global, privately-owned company headquartered in Redwood City, California. While Stepan Pachikov, our founder, began working on an idea he had for what became Evernote, he recognized three things the brain does: it remembers the past, builds connections, and creates new ideas for the future. Evernote was founded as an extension of the brain. Beginning with the mission of “Remember Everything,” Evernote has grown to address the three needs Pachikov identified. With 8 billion notes created by 225 million people worldwide, it’s easy to see why Evernote’s products have become the default place for individuals and teams who want to remember everything, turn ideas into action, and work better together.