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There’s a lot of passion and dedication that goes into the growth of every single one of our avocados, and this passion translates into good times and great memories. Think of your favorite summer gathering, Big Game party, New Year’s Eve bash, Cinco de Mayo celebration, or Fourth of July celebration. No doubt avocados were there too, amplifying the good times with guacamole and side dishes. In fact, avocados are so popular at parties and festivities that people across the United States enjoy more than 1.7 billion pounds of Avocados From Mexico per year. In 2013, AFM was born as the marketing arm of the two organizations that represent the Avocados From Mexico business in the United States. It was formed as a not-for-profit organization charged with the purpose of coordinating the marketing activities for the Mexican Hass Avocados Importers Association, MHAIA and The Association of Growers and Packers of Avocados From Mexico (APEAM). The Avocados From Mexico marketing group, located in Irving, Texas, encompasses a group of seasoned marketers with strong backgrounds in the CPG and produce industries as well as experience with some of the most iconic brands in those categories. This group was tasked with growing the overall avocado market along with the Avocados From Mexico brand, within one of the most profitable categories in the produce section, which is growing with double digits. The four-pronged marketing approach of Avocados From Mexico focuses on engaging audiences in each of its four business segments: general market, Hispanic market, food service, and retail, with customized strategies, programs, and tactics to address the unique needs of each of these segments. The robust program of the Avocados From Mexico brand yielded 2 billion media impressions in 2015-2016, and is rapidly blazing trails within the produce category. Not only is the Avocados From Mexico brand adopting the most advanced digital technology in the market to gather consumer data and to connect with a variety of consumer groups in innovative ways, but it is also shifting industry paradigms by becoming the first produce brand ever to run a Big Game TV ad.


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